How to Request Feedback After A Job Rejection

How to Request Feedback After A Job Rejection

Have you ever been turned down after a 工作面试? 这是一记重拳. Reading that rejection email is one of the worst feelings out there. Most of us have unfortunately experienced this, and it can seriously discourage you during your 188app金宝搏. 然而, 在收到工作拒绝后, do you request feedback from the 面试er or HR professional? If not, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to improve your candidacy in the future. Here’s how to request feedback after a 工作被拒绝.


Instead of just reading that rejection email, 花点时间让自己平静下来, 然后继续下一个, 你应该请求反馈 关于你的面试表现和候选资格. How can you expect to improve your 面试ing skills or bolster your application if you don’t know what went wrong? You should always ask for feedback after a 工作被拒绝 if the 面试er did not provide any. 你搞砸了吗? 回答面试问题? 你是否缺乏某种技能或资格? Or did you fail to demonstrate a skill set that is actually in your wheelhouse? If you don’t ask for feedback, you may never know what you can do to improve in the future.

Sometimes it can be challenging to request feedback

It can be challenging to ask an 面试 for feedback. 被拒绝后, you probably feel a little vulnerable and unsure of your talents—rejection stings, especially if you have been unemployed for months or even longer. But if you don’t use rejection as an opportunity to better yourself and hone your 面试ing skills, how can you expect a different outcome in the future?

用巴拉克·奥巴马的话来说, “你不能让失败左右你. 你得从失败中吸取教训.”

How to ask for feedback after a 工作被拒绝

While it can be difficult, it is necessary to ask for feedback in order to improve. Each company has a different hiring process, and thus, will reject candidates differently. The way you receive your rejection will also depend on the stage of the 面试ing process. 例如, if you are passed on after just submitting your application, 你可能会得到一个通用的, auto-generated email (if you hear back at all). But if you have an 面试 or two, you can expect a more personal response.

更有可能, you will receive an email thanking you for your time and that although you were a great candidate, “the company decided to move forward in the process with other candidates at this time.” If you receive this email, you can quickly respond and ask for feedback.



Thank you for following up about [position name] and informing me about your decision.

当我继续188app金宝搏时, I am always looking for ways to improve my 面试ing skills and bolster my candidacy. Was there an area you felt like I was lacking or part of the 面试 you think that I can perform better in the future?

Any feedback you can share would be greatly appreciated and help me enhance my 188app金宝搏, 并最终, 我的职业生涯.




When requesting feedback, you want to keep it short and sweet. Start it off with expressing your gratitude for the 面试er’s time and then asking them to share how you can improve. 再次感谢他们,然后开火. Don’t try to change their mind, argue about your candidacy, or accuse them of anything. 他们做出了决定, and you will just put a bad taste in their mouth if you are bitter about their decision.

You can facilitate this feedback the same way if the 面试er calls you to inform you of their response. If you request feedback in your rejection phone call, their response and advice may even be more specific if it’s fresh in their minds, so please don’t hesitate to ask over the phone!

It can feel awkward to ask for advice after being rejected from a job, 但如果你不征求意见, it will be challenging to know how to improve as a candidate. If you are ready to move on and put your 面试ing skills to the test, 今天看看我们的求职公告板!