Why Should We Hire You

面试 Question: Why Should We Hire You?

What they want to know

A lot of 面试ers trip themselves up over the question, “Why should we 雇佣 you?” Your 面试ers are essentially asking you, “Why should we 雇佣 you over the other candidates? What makes you the best candidate?” 面试ers typically ask this question at the end of a job 面试. This question is your final sales pitch. It’s your time to shine and summarize for your audience why you would be a great fit for this position and the company. Use this as an opportunity to address your experience, background, and skills and why they make you an excellent fit.

Bonus points: 如果你能 quantify your answer in any way, that is the icing on the cake. Using numbers to illustrate your success or accomplishments is an excellent way to show your value and stand out above the competition. 也, be sure to tie your answer back into the job description to ensure your 面试ers that you are a great fit for this role.

Example answering why should we 雇佣 you

“I have a passion for 帮助ing others and pride myself on using my customer service and recruiting background to match talented candidates with excellent employers. My 面试-to-offer ratio of 86% over the last three years illustrates my consistency and track record for success. 另外, last year I earned our annual ‘Recruiter of the Year’ award, which demonstrates my expertise in the recruiting world. I think my personal career goals align with your company’s mission of simply putting people to work, and I believe I am a great fit for this Recruiting Manager position.”

Final comments

Answering the question, “Why should we 雇佣 you” can be challenging. 然而. this example works well because it touches on the candidate’s background, 他们的技能, and quantifies their accomplishments. The answer addressed the company’s mission statement and expressed their passion for 帮助ing others, which can 帮助 show why they are a culture fit. Overall, this example answers the questions well (and with confidence!).

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