How to Stand Out From the Competition in An 面试


When it comes to 工作面试s, chances are you have experienced your fair share. Whether you are applying for an entry-level position or are poised to finally make that jump to Director or Vice President, a 工作面试 is one of the last things that stands between you and the job you hope to hold. While every job, company, and interview are different, there are several things you can do to 脱颖而出 from the competition, regardless of where you are applying.


当你申请工作的时候, it is imperative you are educated on what your potential employer does. Spend time familiarizing yourself with both the broad goals and if possible, 公司的日常运作. 搜索 sites liked LinkedIn and Glassdoor to find what current or former employees have to say about working there. Familiarize yourself with basics like expectations, experience with bosses or the CEO, and salaries. 集 谷歌警报 that will help keep you up to date with any company related news or current events. Referencing these in interviews will help you stick out from the competition and make you more memorable.

一旦你完成你的尽职调查, ensure you can connect what you have learned back to the rest of the company. 深入的知识很重要, but its relevance to the questions you will be asked in the interview is what forms a lasting impression. If you have a chance to ask questions, make sure they connect to what you have learned, as good, relevant questions are drastically better than the typical, “Do people like working here?并展示你的批判性思维.

Remove these Buzzwords from your Vocabulary

上个月,Glassdoor发布了一份 list of words to never use on your resume. This list was a follow up to a September article titled, 13 Must-Have Words to include in Your Resume. 坚持这一思路, there are various words or phrases to avoid when face-to-face with your potential employer. Stay away from words like “responsible” or “responsibility.” Everyone interviewing will list the various tasks they were responsible for.

而不是, 要具体, 并使用“创造”这样的词,“领导”或“管理”,” as these convey your ability to strategically set goals and follow through. 总是使用那些 传达大量的细节, as being vague may raise red flags or result in a dull, forgettable interview. If you established a new policy or completed a significant project, use words that highlight your achievements. 试着用“重新设计”这样的词,“发射”或“现代化”,” as opposed to just listing items as if you were reading off a list.


On the day of, there are a few things you can do leading up to the interview itself to 提高你得到这份工作的机会. Eating and hydrating adequately before will help calm your nerves and lessen your body’s natural responses to stress, 比如出汗或口臭. Leave at a time that allows you to arrive at least ten to fifteen minutes early. This will gives you a chance to collect your thoughts. It also prevents you from stressing about showing up late because of traffic lights, 建设, or an accident; tardiness to the interview will often result in viewing you as un-hirable.

Once you have arrived, use the rest of the time before the interview to your advantage. Be aware that the interview started the second you walked in the door. 远离手机, 恭敬地说, and try to get a feel for the company culture in its natural environment. This can be the most honest view of a company you receive before being hired. It can give you a better idea of how a company operates and those you’d be working with, that you may not receive in the actual interview.

如果你遵循这三条建议, you’ll be able to 在竞争中脱颖而出 and nail that interview. 祝你好运!